"I dream that one day I would travel the world and see great things. that one day I would have a career in something that puts smiles on people's faces. one day I would achieve all my goals. but one day doesn't start tomorrow, one day starts with day one."

- year 13 student

Why Day One?

B2SP strives to ensure that all students have their exact school stationery from their first day. It is our hope that these students will go off and do great things, but one day starts with Day One.

Day One: A Back2School Project Awareness day is ultimately about recognising the deeper need of students being fully prepared for school from their first day in our community of Aotearoa. By showing up for Day One, you make it possible for them to show up too.

On Friday 30th June 2023...

Back2School Project will be launching the first Day One awareness day. This will be a day for schools, workplaces, and whanau across Auckland (and beyond) to learn more about B2SP.

What is B2SP?

How to get involved:

We want to make this easy for you! There are several ways that you can get involved as a school, workplace/community or individual. By clicking on either of the 'Let's get started!' buttons, you will have access to a complete set of resources to help guide the day. These resources include suggestions for how you can participate, templates for spreading the word, more on B2SP, and some fun activities!

  • If you are an individual wanting to champion change, we suggest that you take a look at our 'All Resources' resource booklet below.

We encourage you to have fun with these resources and do whatever it is that fits the culture of you, your school, your whanau, or your workplace to show up for Day One.

All Resources...Start here!

Resource Booklet


(Show up for Day One New Zealand!)