From Small Beginnings

The Back2School Project story began as a result of a vision to see a connected, well established, thriving body of people living together within the community. Our grassroots approach of connecting community in order to help community has paved the way to where Back2School Project has grown to date. West Auckland is where our roots have been planted, yet our dream of seeing ALL students thriving in school carries over into other parts of Auckland and New Zealand as a whole.


Our focus is to ensure that each student we help walks into school with all of their specific stationery packed in their very own backpack. Regardless of the number of students we help or the number of schools we partner with, each student is treated individually.

Stationery and backpacks are classic items that represent a lifetime journey. A journey that helps empower each student from their first day of school. Giving them a sense of hope as they navigate through the year, able to face whatever may come.

A backpack becomes more than simply a backpack. It is a tool, a mindset, a future. 


The direct impact of B2SP is when students receive their stationery and backpacks. With the help of our volunteer team, all of the backpacks are packed with the required stationery for each student. So when they walk into school on the first day, they have every item needed.

Each student and their family are invited to our giving day event, called Playground Party. This family fun day is full of games, food and activities sure to put a smile on any child’s face. They end the event leaving with a personally picked backpack chosen for them. 

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Statistics show that kids who feel confident on the first day of school have a successful school year. Together, we are encouraging and empowering students to be the best they can be!

Student Age 10

“I felt a bit shy when I first got to the party. But when I got my bag I was happy. My mum had to get my two older brothers' stationery for high school. Mum just had a baby. I loved the book covers.”

Mum of Students

“The Back2School stationery packs took a really large financial burden off my shoulders. My kids were very excited receiving their packs and it really started their school year off on a high note. Knowing they had all of the stationery they needed (plus the awesome extras in the pack) all ready to go on the first day was a huge relief for me. It's set them up for a happy and productive school year.”

Student Age 7

“I felt good when my sister and I got our bags and things. My mum and dad are looking for a house cos we live in a motel. When they don't have any money, they have to ask around.”

Student Age 9

“I didn't feel poor when I got my bag. My mum and dad had to buy my big sister's uniform and lots of stationery for high school. My little sister had to get her uniform too. If I didn't get my stationery in the bag, I woulda have felt annoyed sitting in class.”

Attendance Officer

“This project made a massive difference to our start up this year. Usually we spend many weeks chasing up families who have not yet purchased stationery for their children. This year, we were able to focus on more important start up procedures.”


“I saw a sense of pride with students working straight into the pages of their brand new books.”


“I was really wrapt and so grateful for the stationery packs. It made a huge difference for me sending the kids back to school tie everything they needed.”


“I am very grateful and blessed to be considered, especially having nine kids in my care and one income, this made the start of the year stress free and put smiles on my kids faces. Thank you so much.”


“It couldn’t have come at a better time, its the busiest time of the year financially. Bless you, it helped heaps.”

A note from Jen, our Executive Director and Founder

I have always loved school stationery. The smell of a fresh box of crayons and the crisp pages in a new notebook. The search for the perfect backpack or bag to carry all of the books for the year. However, I quickly learned that this is not true for everyone. 

The season of joy and excitement for a new year of learning and opportunities, sporting events and school discos, all quickly changing due to students who faced death in their immediate family, serious illnesses, house fires, loss of job, covid, sudden moves and the list continues to grow. I listened to stories of students, right here in our local community, that would prefer to stay home from school than walk into the first day of school without the proper tools. 

My heart was immediately broken. It was in that moment that I knew we must do something, even one small thing, to try to make a change. 

Sometimes circumstances arise and we simply need a reason to look up and see hope delivered beyond our expectation. That is what Back2School Project is doing. We are committed to bringing community together to help others in our community. We are living out hope in action. And we invite you to join us on this mission.